Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Deadmans Junction

     Ever since I was a little bugger I've had an ambition to build a re-creation of an old western town site. I'm not entirely sure why, but the idea has stuck with me all these years, and at this stage of the game is probably one of those items on the bucket list that I may not get around to. A man I know has actually acted out on his desire for a small scale western town that he calls Deadman's Junction.  Located northwest of Kamloops about a half hour, Deadman Creek was part of the fur brigade trail of the 1800's and has a varied history.
Matt Sandvoss has a background in movie set construction and has built theme sets for Universal Studio rides, he travels far and wide in search of era correct artifacts and building materials for his projects and clients.

Deadman Junction is visable from the highway between Savona and Cache Creek. Feel free to stop in for a tour around, Matt is always keen to talk about his little gold town.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pemberton Festival Site...drive by

   Headed in yesterday to get a few things before town gets busy with the music festival.

I had to snap a few pictures on the way by. Crews have been busy there for some time, and in the last week it has really began to look like a serious event coming together alright.

 Overpass built for the event.

The main stage area. I can't say I have much interest in attending. You know when you are not in the right demographics when you have never heard of any of the bands.

Hangin' With Pawnee Killer

    Well you just never know whom your going to open the front door to out here at the Lodge.
Some folks were headed for a relaxing stay at the hot spring last week, when the motor home they were traveling in developed an obvious problem with the rear axle, bringing the motorized part of their journey to an end.
 As has happened countless times over the years, the persons in distress landed on my door-step here at dark, on foot, and seeking salvation.
   Kimberly Von Brandt is a Vancouver comedienne who has enjoyed the hot spring for years, and had brought along her long time friend...some Gerald fellow. The little cabin was available this weekend so I fired them in there while they arranged a ride back out with campers and a recovery vehicle
   If I had a TV around here, I would have known without having to be told that it was Gerald Auger, actor, writer, and producer, and award collector it seems. He has appeared in numerous films including Luna, Spirit Of The Whale,  Gunslingers Revenge, and the six part Steven Spielberg mini series Into The West.  In '96 and '97 he won the National Native Role Model Award presented by the Gov. General Of Canada, and travelled to over 30 communities giving motivational talks to first nation youth. In 2012 he produced and directed The Ancients for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, and has been starring as Pawnee Killer on the AMC channel series, Hell On Wheels.  Gerald is Woodland Cree decent from northern Alberta, Wabasca Lake actually, in an out of the way part of the country where I worked one Winter years ago. He really got a kick out of the lodge and got some building ideas for his cabin back home.
He is a pretty busy fellow, with an audition and voice over work coming up this week, and even though the camping plans had changed, he sure appreciated hanging out here for a bit instead and taking it all in while he could. He said the hot spring wasn't too hard to take either, and I'm sure he'll be back.